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Door Support North East - Access Control

Access Control

access-controlExperts in Access Control Solutions

Door Support specialise in the specification, supply and installation, of a diverse range of quality access control solutions. Our product range includes:


waferlock-shadow-card-systemA Standalone Access Control System

This is an ideal locking solution for small commercial / office premises that require the convenience of an electronic locking system, easy management of user’s cards / fobs without the need for a computer or software. The system can be easily upgraded to work on our PC based e-Link system if required in the future.


waferlock-elinkA Virtual Network e-Link System

A flexible configuration for small to large systems. Using online wall readers, user cards distribute data from the software to the offline standalone doors, this includes deleted card information, access rights and lock time zones etc. At the same time audit trails and battery status from the offline doors are transferred back to the PC.

The powerful software is easy to use with many features providing a simple, efficient and secure system for all access control requirements.


Progeny-CrystalHardwired Online Access Control
• Scalable 1 - 65,000 Doors
• Standard Version 32,000 Card Holders
• Large Memory Version 128,000 Card Holders
• New high speed non volatile memory with long 200 year data retention
• Integrates with ievo Biometrics
• Lifetime Warranty



Door Support North East are installers of Paxton Net2 and Switch2 online and offline systems

Paxton-AccessNet2 - An advanced access control unit with TCP/IP connectivity
Net2 is a PC based security system for controlling access through doors. Net2 allows users to be given access to particular areas at certain times. Because the system is networked, all administration can be done from a central point.

Switch2 - A standalone, access control unit
Switch2 offers a secure solution for customers wishing to control access to internal and external doors, who do not need the reports on users movements provided by a PC based access control system.

A Switch2 control unit is fitted on the secure side of the door, with the reader fitted on the other side. The Switch2 control unit stores all of the access permissions for users within the unit; meaning that even if the reader is tampered with, the door remains secure.


For more information on our range of Access Control products please don't hesitate to contact us.

Call us today on 0191 214 5655 to discuss your access control requirements
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